Luna’s got teeth!

Little Luna’s now five weeks-old and is growing quickly.

She’s doubled in size since her birth and keepers have even spotted her first few teeth!

Senior Keeper Sam Grove, said: “Baby tapirs will drink mum’s milk up until they’re approximately four months old, when they’ll start eating solids.

“Luna’s feeding from Meena really well and has rapidly increased in size over the last few weeks.

“But we’ve spotted her nibbling on a few branches and trying to eating the small buds off trees, which is obviously to try and cut her teeth as we’ve noticed she’s gained her two tiny white ones at the front.”

And she’s also had a busy week, as not only did she celebrate mum, Meena’s birthday on Sunday, but she met dad, Chico, for the first time too!

Sam added: “We’ve kept mum and baby separated from dad since her birth, while they bonded and this week introduced them together and he immediately went and tickled his new daughter with his trunk, just as if he was saying hello!”