Lucky and Marvin get unwrapping!

Meerkat brothers Lucky and Marvin had a wild time ripping through their 5th birthday presents down in Monkey Tails today.

webmeerkatbdayLower Primate Keeper Jade Reddall, pictured right, concealed mealworms and hay in boxes wrapped in birthday paper to celebrate the occasion.

webmeerkatbdayShe said: “The boys love mealworms and had a wonderful time foraging through the boxes and playing with them too.

“They love making a mess so this was a great birthday activity for them.”

NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT… Lucky and Marvin had fun on their 5th birthday

The brothers also had a blast when Keeper Shaun Crompton put a pair of his old boots in their enclosure to provide enrichment.

He hid treats inside the boots and sprayed them with perfume, as meerkats are very sensitive to smell, and watched on as they explored the old footwear.


BOOT-IFUL SMELL! – Lucky and Marvin discover sweet-smelling perfume sprayed in the boots

“When we go in their enclosure or when we get Keepers for a Day come in, the boys have a real fascination with people’s footwear,” said Shaun.

“I knew before I threw out my old boots that Lucky and Marvin would get plenty of pleasure from them and it was funny to watch.”

See Lucky and Marvin getting stuck into Shaun’s old boots in our short video below.