Loyal Pete’s first moult

DZG’s two-year-old hand-reared Humboldt penguin, Pete, is undergoing his first moult.


The youngster has lost his juvenile fluffy grey-coloured feathers and developed adult plumage, along with a distinctive black chest stripe.

Head of Birds Kellie Piper – pictured above with Pete – said: “It’s great to see Pete doing so well. We stepped in to raise him after his mum abandoned him as a chick, so we do have quite a soft spot for him.”

Despite the fact that Pete now looks very similar to the other 65 poolside penguins keepers have noticed he has white ears, so can identify him from afar.

Kellie added: “He’s quite easy to spot with his little white ears, but we’ll have to wait to see if he loses those in his next moult.

“He still comes up to bird keepers for a fuss whenever we arrive at the pool, so we always know where he is.”