Loving the pears!

Hi Peeps, I’m loving the yummy pears we’re having at the moment as part of our five-a-day and mum says there’ll be lots more treats in a few weeks’ time when it’s Christmas.


I don’t know what that means, but if there are treats it must be good.    I’ve only just started eating proper food, like mum and dad have, so it’s all rather new to me.   dzg_-sw_4  

The other day I decided I was big enough to try some of the pieces of green food which keepers leave around the climbing frame for my mum and dad. It always smells soooo nice and mum and dad always run down to eat it that I thought I would give it a go as well. My mum, Yasmin, said the food is called pear and I love it!

I’m not allowed to have pears all the time yet though, because I’m only five months-old  and I still need to have mum’s milk for a few more months to make me into a big and strong red panda, like my dad, Yang.

Mum said I won’t be able to eat exactly what they eat until I’m at least seven months-old as I have to wait for my baby teeth to harden, but she said a little treat now and again won’t hurt me!

Our friend Simon Westwood took these photos when he visited the other day, and, for once I was on my best behaviour!

Come along and say hello if you’re visiting Santa’s Grotto this week.

Jasper X