Lovely letters!

Receptionist Nicky Reynolds was thrilled to receive an envelope of lovely letters through the post from a Redditch Pre-school class.

Children at Tenacres Littlefolks Pre-School are currently studying the book Dear Zoo and one of the activities the children learnt about was writing letters.
Nicky received colourful drawings from each member of the class of what they would like their pet to look like.
Nicky said: “There’s always lots of post to open at the zoo every day, but it’s great to get something like this and I loved opening all the envelopes and seeing the children’s fabulous artwork.
“In the enclosed letter they said how they had each put their letter in an envelope and stuck a stamp on the front and enjoyed a trip to the Post Office to send their mail to the zoo, so I posted them a special letter back in thanks, as well as copies of our ZooNooz magazine plus kids go free vouchers so the children can come and visit the animals for themselves.”