Lovebirds back at DZG

Lovebirds have flown back on show at DZG?- just in time for Valentine’s Day.

DZG-lovebirds-1webTheir timely arrival is due to the skills of volunteer carpenters, Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko, who have constructed a new home for the colourful birds.

Curator, Matt Lewis, said the aviary, which was designed in-house, means the public can see the species for the first time in five years.

He said:?”The lovebirds have been in aviaries off-show to the public while we have been remodelling parts of the site, however, thanks to Geoff and Rob we now have a brand new house.

“Lovebirds are always a popular species, especially for Valentines and wedding adoptions, and their new aviary is in a prominent position, so they will get plenty of admirers.”

He added:?”Our volunteers play an important role in helping to care for animals and assisting with the maintenance of animal enclosures, and we are very grateful to Geoff and Rob for doing this work.”

Geoff, from West Bromwich, and Rob, from Tipton, have been volunteers at DZG for more than two years, and helped staff construct several enclosures and enrichment programmes across the zoo’s 40-acre site.

CAPTION: Volunteer carpenters Geoff (left) and Rob take a close look at the lovebirds in the new aviary they have constructed.

* To adopt our lovebirds online for YOUR Valentine follow this link or call 0844 474 2272.