Love those Lemurs!

Residents in DZG’s Lemur Wood are among the most popular creatures on site.

dzg_love_your_zoo_lemur_webThey’re also some of the cheekiest and staff are quite used to their animal antics in the one-acre woodland where there are dozens of freely-roaming black-and-white ruffed, ring-tailed and black lemurs checking out visitors. 

These small primates rely strongly on their sense of smell and mark their territory with powerful scent glands.

During the mating season, male lemurs battle for dominance by covering their long tails with smelly secretions and waving them in the air to determine which animal is more powerful.

Lemurs are diurnal – active during the daytime – spending a lot of time on the ground, moving through the forest feeding on a range of fruits, shoots, and small insects.

At DZG we hold the studbook for the black lemur and each year proceeds from sales of our calendar boost our Madagascar Campaign to support lemurs in the wild.

Learn more about these extrovert creatures by chatting to keepers next time you visit Lemur Wood and ask them to point out the troublemakers!


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