Love is in the air

Love is in the air again at DZG, with some newly acquired black-cheeked lovebirds showing positive signs of courting behaviour.

DZG-lovebirds-web-1aAfrica’s most endangered parrots, they have transferred from Bristol Zoo and it appears that new breeding pairs are forming.

Curator Matt Lewis said: “We have put our expanded group of lovebirds in a new, larger aviary, and they now have a wider choice of mates than before, as there are more unrelated birds in the group.

“We have placed nesting boxes in the aviary, and some of the birds have already started to pair off and show positive courting behaviour.

“DZG has successfully bred this species before and some of our surplus birds in the past were transferred to other collections to boost conservation programmes.”

He added: “Hopefully we will have chicks in there before too long.”