Lots of lovely memories

A dad and daughter from Wiltshire had a hands-on day to remember when they joined keepers at DZG.


Nikki and David Kirkman travelled from Salisbury to visit DZG for the very first time for their Be a Zoo Keeper experience and took home lots of lasting memories from their special day.

David said: “Nikki loves animals so I knew being a zoo keeper for the day would be a lovely experience for her.

“We choose Dudley Zoo because it was good value for money and a zoo that we hadn’t visited before.

“Nikki enjoyed hand feeding the penguins and the giraffe and being in with the lemurs was fun.

“But for both of us the highlight was being so close to the tigers. The excitement of being in touching distance and feeding them meat from skewers was thrilling. You really appreciate how powerful and beautiful the animal is when you’re that close and I didn’t even mind being wee-ed on by one of them!”

The pair also enjoyed seeing the sea lions, tickling the tapirs and giving the chimps a drink during their day, which was organised for Nikki’s seventeenth birthday.