Losing sleep!

There were big yawns all round this morning after everyone had an hour’s less sleep with the start of British Summer Time.

With less time in bed for DZG’s animals and keepers after the clocks went forward an hour at 1am, signs of tiredness were showing first thing.

Our Carpathian lynx Daisy was caught on camera mid-yawn and we captured our lovely giant anteater Romy in the act too.

And for anyone who has never seen two-year-old Romy yawn, take a look at our video.

As she opens her mouth to yawn her extremely long tongue rolls out and back in, which also gives our keepers good opportunity to make a visual health check.

The clocks springing forward also means more time to visit our 1,600-strong animal collection as we extend our opening hours for the summer.

From tomorrow, we’ll be reverting to summer hours which means we’re now open from 10am until 4pm, with the 40-acre site closing 90 minutes later.