Lorikeet Lookout reopens

We’re getting set to reopen Lorikeet Lookout tomorrow, allowing visitors to feed our colourful birds.

The walkthrough exhibit has been temporarily closed since December due to vital precautions to protect our birds from the recent outbreak of avian flu in Europe.

Zoo Manager Matt Lewis said: “After careful consideration and monitoring of the current situation we have decided to reopen, albeit with a few precautions in place to safeguard the welfare of birds and visitors alike.”

Visitors will be asked to wash their hands with an antibacterial foam and dip their shoes in disinfectant before entering the building.

Once inside, nectar can be purchased as normal to feed our cheeky lorikeets.

Matt added: “We would like to reassure visitors that the current strain of avian influenza does not pass to humans and the measures we are taking are to ensure the safety of our flock.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and reassess if we think it necessary as we always put the welfare of our birds first.”