Lories Go Wild! debut

Yellow-backed chattering lories, Red and Yellow, have made their Go Wild! Show flying debut.


Presenter Pam Midwood, pictured above, said: “Red and Yellow are both 14-years-old and came to us from Colchester Zoo, where they have been used in shows for many years.

“But we’ve been amazed with their confidence and speed in which they’ve reacted to us.

“We started off with simple training such as getting them to fly into boxes, but they were confident with that immediately.

“So we took them into the Go Wild! Theatre and they started flying straight to us on command.

“We now use them in our daily shows and get them to fly to us and go upside down to take food out of our hands, which allows us to show the audience their tongues.”

Lories are nectarivores and feed on pollen, flowers, soft fruit and insects.

They have a specialised long, brush-tipped tongue that allows them to collect the nectar.

Pam added: “We always fly both boys together and they look very impressive and we’re sure they will soon become firm favourites with visitors.

“Although they’re very loud and are probably the noisiest birds we use in the shows.”