Looking great at 38!

Beautiful orang Benji turned 38 today – and that’s a special occasion which certainly called for a cake!


ABOVE – Carrot cake all for you Benji!

webbenjicakeUpper Primates Senior Keeper Sam Grove whipped up a delicious cake made of primate pellets and carrots just for the popular Bornean orang utan.

Benji also had birthday cards delivered to the zoo from visitors and keepers were expecting plenty of his fans to pop in and see him throughout the day.


Sam said: “Benji loved his cake and we gave him lots of activities to keep him busy on his special day too.

“We added some play balls to his enclosure as well as a hessian sack and some cardboard boxes, so he had plenty of things to play with.”

Bornean orangs typically live up to 35 years-old in the wild, but can live up to 60 in captivity. 


It is the only great ape to be found in Asia

Fossil remains from mainland Asia show that some orangs were larger than gorillas

Males have cheek pads to show their maturity and status

Males also have large throat pouches which amplify their calls