Look who’s one!


The bunting’s going up for our birthday boy, Indah, who turns one today!

Our youngest lar gibbon will be marking his big day with extra servings of carrot – his favourite food!

Upper Primates Senior Keeper, Sophie Dugmore, pictured right, said: “Indah’s so adorable and we can’t believe he’s one already.

“He’s getting more independent now and is starting to come off mum and go off and explore in the trees by himself, but he still likes to go back for a cuddle.”

The youngster, who was born to mum, Meo and dad, Huggy, also enjoys playing games with big sister, Penny.

Sophie added: “Indah has also started to join in the family vocalisations, although he sounds like a little guinea pig at the moment, as it’s more of a squeak than a whoop.”

To mark his first birthday, we’re taking a look back of some of our favourite photographs taken of the youngster over the last 12 months – look how he’s grown!


web_indah_bday__1      web_indah_bday__1



Thanks to Karen Edwards, Steve Weaver and Sarah Holt for snapping some lovely photos!