Look who’s awake…

Look who’s awake!

Our gorgeous grand old lady, Inca, has awoken from her semi-hibernation and has been spotted enjoying the sunny weather outdoors.

The 36 year-old, who is officially the oldest Asiatic black bear in Europe, stretched her legs with a gentle amble around the back of her enclosure, before settling down in the warm woodchip for a siesta!

For the last few months Inca has been enjoying a long snooze in her indoor quarters and keepers even recorded her loud snoring reverberating around the den!

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans, said: “We’ve all got a soft-spot for Inca and it’s lovely to see her still enjoying the outdoors.

“Hopefully as the warmer weather approaches we’ll start seeing her out and about more and more.”

The typical life expectancy for a wild Asiatic black bear is 25 years and with another birthday fast approaching later this month, Inca has well and truly surpassed that milestone!