Little Zoo Keepers

Birthday boys Cameron Stacey and Ciaran Pickerden celebrated their special dates with a Little Zoo Keeper experience at DZG.


Cameron of Huntington, Staffordshire, was treated to his experience as a ninth birthday present.

He said: “It was a really great day and my favourite part was feeding the penguins!  I also loved the tapirs.”  

Cameron’s mum, Emma added: “The zoo keepers were lovely and made Cameron feel very welcome, he thoroughly enjoyed his day.”


Ciaran Pickerden of Cwmfelinfach, Gwent, enjoyed the experience for the third year running.

He said: “It was my tenth birthday present  and I had the best day yet, as I’ve done the little zoo keeper experience every year for my birthday for the last three years.  

“I love feeding the penguins, but you can’t beat tickling the tapirs.”

Support conservation projects

Little Zoo Keepers discover what goes on behind the scenes at DZG and help staff with their daily duties including feeding, cleaning and caring for the collection – many of which are endangered species.

Later, there’s a chance to catch up with the action in Lemur Wood and Wallaby Walkthrough before finding out more about DZG’s larger animals, including Brazilian tapirs, Rothschild giraffes and rare Humboldt penguins.

Not only is it a unique day to remember, working alongside some of the rarest animals in the world, but funds raised through the scheme support exciting conservation and animal projects at DZG.

It also offers a brilliant photo opportunity for the family album and makes a great gift for all occasions!

For further details on Adult or Little Zoo Keeper experiences follow this link>