Little Zoo Keeper Layla

Animal-crazy schoolgirl Layla Tidyman from Newcastle-under-Lyme loved being a Little Zoo Keeper for the day at DZG.


The nine-year-old from Chesterton was treated to the experience by her parents as a Christmas present and told them it was the best present ever!

The youngster loved working with Brazilian tapirs and Humboldt penguins and has already asked her parents if she can adopt some of the animals.

Her mum Shelley Brown said: “Layla absolutely loved it. She has always wanted to work with animals. She is learning more about endangered species as she is growing up and this was a perfect present for her.”

Layla was accompanied by her mum, dad Thomas Tidyman, brother Rhys, aged six, and seven-month-old sister Grace. They said it was a wonderful family day.