Little Zoo Keeper Ellie

Wednesbury youngster Ellie Silvester said she had a “fun and exciting time” when she became a DZG Little Zoo Keeper.

webellie   webellie

The eight-year-old was treated to the half-day experience by her grandma Gillian Cox, also from Wednesbury, as a birthday gift.

Ellie, pictured above holding Alice the guinea pig and Loki the blue tongued skink, said her favourite part was feeding our colony of Humboldt penguins.

She said: “Feeding the penguins was the best bit but the whole day was fun and exciting.”

DZG launched the Little Zoo Keeper experience for eight to 13 year olds a few years ago and it has proved so successful that staff are kept busy with requests from all over the country.

Little Zoo Keepers discover what goes on behind the scenes at DZG and throughout the session they help staff with their daily duties including feeding, cleaning and caring for the collection, many of which are endangered species.

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