Little keepers join DZG

Our Little Keeper Days are proving more popular than ever with youngsters across the country.


The day-long event offers an opportunity to get really close to exotic and endangered animals and learn all about your favourite species with a hands-on experience you’ll never forget.

We asked eight year olds Georgina Westwood of Kingswinford and Annie Jones of Ipswich, just what they thought . . .

Georgina said: “I’ve always like animals and was so excited when I knew about my day at Dudley Zoo.

“As soon as I arrived I met lots of animals in the farm barn including a baby guinea pig, called Cherry, who was really cute and tiny.”

Georgina is quite used to animal care as she has two cats, five fish and a hamster at home.

A pupil at Glynne Primary School, she added: “It was really interesting helping look after the animals and the keepers wanted to know about my pets, too. I loved my day.” 

Annie said: “I?just love animals and I?was so excited about being a Little Keeper for a Day at Dudley Zoo.

“I wanted to get really close to the smaller animals and I?was so pleased to meet the baby guinea pig, Cherry, she’s really sweet.”

Annie, a pupil at Cliff Lane Primary School, added: “I had the best day ever and really liked the keepers at the farm.”

CAPTION: Little Zoo Keepers Georgina Westwood (left) and Annie Jones.   BOOK A LITTLE ZOO KEEPER EXPERIENCE HERE NOW!