Lions’ paw of approval!

Asiatic lioness Kyra didn’t waste any time putting her new wooden platform to the test.

Curator Richard Brown and Senior Keeper, Sam Grove took advantage of recent wet weather, when our three lions would have sheltered underneath the Tecton cantilever, to keep them indoors so they could rebuild the frame and ladder in one day after the old platform had become well worn by the trio.

And the next morning, the lions soon gave it their paw of approval as they were spotted immediately investigating the staff’s handiwork!

Our one-acre Lion Ridge is home to 11 year-old sisters, Kyra and Asha and 14 year-old male Jetpur.

It’s not just the lions enjoying a new frame in their enclosure, as keepers recently built a new larger, wooden platform for our Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao.