Lion love!

Love is in the air for DZG’s three Asiatic lions this Valentine’s Day.


Our new male lion, Jetpur, tried to woo his ladies, Asha and Kyra with a hessian sack adorned with a bright red heart, filled with giraffe-scented used bedding, which is a natural prey animal in the wild.

web_dzg_lions_valentines_1     web_dzg_lions_valentines_1

Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “In the four months Jet has been here, he’s certainly made an impression on the girls.

“There’s lots of positive interaction between them, including head rubbing, sniffing and chuffing, so we’re hopeful they will breed in time.

“They particularly enjoy cuddling up outside in the cold weather.”


The trio spend their days outside together in the one-acre paddock, before the girls and Jet are separated at meal times and during the night.

A former DZG cub, Jet returned to the Midlands in October as a strapping 12 year-old, as a proven male for the two nine year-old resident lionesses.


If you’re on site today our younger visitors will be able to take part in some Valentine’s Day themed craft activities in the Discovery Centre. 

There’s the opportunity to make heart bunting to hang up in the building as well as colouring in a bookmark to take home and use in a favourite book!


There’s quite a few people receiving DZG animal adoptions today, with Yasmin the red panda and our Humboldt penguins proving popular gift choices

 . . . and it’s not too late to adopt your loved one’s favourite species just click here