Lights out everyone!

We’re making a pledge for the planet and encouraging everyone to join us in a worldwide ‘lights out’ tomorrow night.

Between 8.30pm – 9.30pm on Saturday (March 30) we’re inviting visitors to switch off their lights and join us in marking WWF’s Earth Hour in a symbolic display of commitment to the earth’s diversity.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, who snapped the long exposure shot at night in the castle courtyard spelling out DZG with a torch, said: “Climate change is wreaking havoc for animals across the globe and by making simple changes in our day-to-day lives, such as switching off lights, can help reduce energy waste and help lower our carbon footprint, which in turn contributes to saving the lives of animals worldwide.

“We’re also keen to encourage lower levels of light, especially at night, as light pollution can cause a lot of issues for many nocturnal species, many of whom prefer to forage for food in darker areas and bats also need clear dark corridors to travel through too.

“We hope as many visitors take part in the global initiative, because only if we join forces can we help secure the futures of animals across the globe.”