Life’s a beech!

DZG gardeners have provided several animals with a tree-mendous snack after giving them the offcuts from the site’s beech hedgerows.

ABOVE – Loving their leafy leftovers… DZG’s meerkats enjoy leafing through the beech in search of delicious mealworms

The gardening team has been carrying out its annual tidy up of the beech bushes up the hill near the burrowing owls and the trimmings have not gone to waste!

Ungulates Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “Rather than just getting thrown away, the beech leaves and branches have provided nutritious enrichment for many of our animals.

“We gave some to the meerkats and hid mealworms among the leaves and fed branches to the tapirs, capybara, mara, reindeer, wallabies and barbary sheep.

“It all went down very well indeed, especially with the meerkats who went mad for the mealworms tucked away under the leaves.

“The hedgerow is now looking nice and tidy after being squared off and our animals have helped recycle the rubbish!”

LEFT – Our barbary sheep enjoy munching on the tasty trimmings

BELOW – The Brazilian tapirs and capybara are grateful to the gardeners too!