Life’s a beach!

More than 11 tonnes of sand has been added to DZG’s Penguin Bay to build up the beach for our colony of 70 Humboldts.

The sand has been added to the £40,000 walkthrough enclosure which was built in April 2012.

Head of Birds Kellie Piper said: “We like to have a nice, thick layer of sand for the penguins and it needed replenishing.

“Over time the sand gets compacted down by the weather and from the penguins walking on it and a fresh layer of sand also makes the enclosure look lovely.”

Penguin Bay was designed in-house and funded by DZG with a £3,000 donation from Darlaston-based company, Rubery Owen.

It’s home to the largest colony of parent-reared Humboldts in the UK including nine new chicks, like the little one pictured left, which were all born within the last two months.

DZG’s pool has proved an excellent environment since the breeding programme was started in 1991; it is home to one of the largest breeding colonies in Europe and Dudley-born penguins have helped found colonies at 11 collections across the UK.