Licked into shape

Ungulates keepers have got our giraffes licked into shape – with apple flavoured mineral blocks to give them a healthy boost.

DZG-giraffe-lick-webThe licks, which are suspended in mesh cages, provide a multi-mineral and trace element supplement and offer environmental enrichment by encouraging our Rothschild giraffes to use their long tongues to access the treat.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “The licks are full of natural minerals and nutrients, and make up for anything which might be missing in their zoo diet but is available in the wild.”

CAPTION: Trainee keeper Alex Randle prepares to give male Rothschild giraffe Kubwa one of the tasty mineral treats.

Tall order

Ungulates keepers faced a tall order when they carried out their annual spring clean of the giraffe house. 

Using telescopic cleaning brushes and plenty of hot soapy water, keepers rolled up their sleeves to scrub down the tall walls of the indoor enclosure for our three rare Rothschild giraffes – male, Kubwa and females, Josie and Mia.

Keeper, Jay Haywood, said: “We give the giraffe house a good soapy wash down at least three to four times a year during the spring and summer months, that’s in addition to our daily cleaning routine.

“It takes two keepers a whole day to complete and we usually end up getting soaked in the process.”