Lemur weigh-ins

Black lemurs, Florence and Bryan, are hopping on the scales for a monthly weigh-in to ensure they stay fit and healthy.


Keepers have recently adjusted the diet for the eight-year-old Lemur Wood residents by reducing the high-sugar fruits and upping their intake of health-boosting veg to improve their coat condition.

And Upper Primates Keeper, Steph Sawyer, has been training the duo to hop on the scales once a month so that she can keep track of their weight.

Steph, pictured above weighing Florence, said: “It took a few attempts to get Florence and Bryan comfortable with the scales, but with a little encouragement they soon got the idea and now know what to do when I appear in Lemur Wood with them.

“It is very important that they both maintain a healthy weight especially with a new diet, so we’re keeping a note of their results which we’re comparing to find an average, but we’ve already noticed their coat condition is definitely improving, which is exactly what we wanted to see from the diet change.”