Lemur huddle!

Hello, it’s black-and-white-ruffed lemur, Yoda here.

It’s certainly getting colder in Lemur Wood; living on the upper site we’ve certainly noticed a drop in temperature over the last few weeks, so us black-and-white-ruffeds have come up with a great winter warmer idea – a special tail scarf!


We’ve discovered that if we snuggle together on the ledge outside our internal den, we can tuck our heads down and wrap ourselves in our long, bushy tails. They can measure up to 65cm, which makes them ideal insulators to stop our noses from getting cold.


We’ve been getting some funny looks from those ring-tailed boys, but we’re not bothered if this new look means we stay toasty and warm!

Wrap up if you’re heading on site to see us!