Lemur Broom is 21 today!


DZG’s oldest black-and-white-ruffed lemur, Broom, is celebrating his 21st birthday today!

Broom is our special trained lemur, who makes regular appearances in the Go Wild! Show.

Presenter Pam Midwood, pictured right showing Broom his birthday card, said: “Broom is a very friendly lemur and has bonded with us and his keepers through tickling!

“In the wild, lemurs bond socially by grooming each other, so we mimic that behaviour by tickling him. His favourite tickly spot is under his arm, which he’ll often raise just so we can tickle underneath it for him.

“Broom comes up to the Go Wild! Theatre from the Small Primate House most days for training or to appear in the show, where we get him to demonstrate how good he is at climbing. Lemurs are experts at climbing through the trees in their native Madagascar, so we get him to climb the rope course in the theatre for visitors to see and then reward him with his favourite treats of apple and banana.”

Black-and-white-ruffed lemurs are one of the largest lemur species. They typically live to around 18-years-old in the wild, where they are considered to be a critically endangered species due to the loss of their habitats.