Leave right now!

DZG’s gardeners are working hard to tackle the Autumnal task of collecting fallen leaves across the 40-acre site.

With hundreds of native species such as field maple, English oak and common beech trees throughout the zoo there are thousands of leaves which constantly need sweeping up to make sure the pathways, steps and roads are clear and safe for visitors and staff.


Curator Matt Lewis, said: “With the strong winds we have had recently, there have been lots of leaves falling to the ground, which can become very slippy if left.

“Our gardeners always make sure the 2.2km of paths and roads are clear and tidy before the zoo opens to the public every morning, sweeping the leaves into large piles, which they then move into the tractor’s trailer.

“The team have also had to put in extra hours throughout the day to tackle the seasonal task, which is all in addition to the keepers collecting leaves from the animal enclosures and pools themselves. It seems like a never-ending job at the moment.”