Learning the ropes!

DZG Presenter, Becky Iwahashi, is hard at work training a group of eight-month-old rats for a new addition to the Go Wild! Show.

dzg_rat_rope_3Sisters Whisper, Binky and Smarty are being put through their paces to run across the theatre’s ropes, high above the heads of audience members.

Becky said: “Rats are very intelligent rodents and easily pick up things.

“I want to be able to show visitors how rats were able to scuttle over the ropes to get onto ships and ideally I would love to get our rats running over the entire rope course in the theatre.

“I’ve started training them on a small section of rope to begin with, using a clicker and their favourite nutty treats and they are all doing really well at the moment, although Whisper is the star rat pupil as she has picked it up a lot quicker than the others.”


Learning the ropes: DZG Presenter, Becky Iwahashi puts Whisper the rat through her paces on the ropes in the Go Wild! Theatre.

Maternity leave for fourth sister, Ninja!


While Whisper, Binky and Smarty are undergoing rigorous rope training, fourth sister, Ninja is currently taking a break as she’s on maternity leave.

The black rat is currently playing mum to 11 baby rats, who were born on August 1.

Becky said: “Ninja is doing really well as a first time mum and the babies are very cute and have just started to open their eyes.

“We are hoping to keep all 11 rats and use them in our outreach activities.”


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