Learn about our lar gibbons

Learn more about our family of lar gibbons during half term Q&A sessions.

Our education staff will be introducing visitors to our family of four lesser apes – dad, Huggy, mum, Meo and their offspring Penny and Indah, during the daily 12pm talk at their enclosure, next to the sealion moat pools.

Discover how the species, which is listed as endangered on the IUCN list, is under threat in the wild and find out some fun facts about them.

The gibbon talk forms a packed daily programme of feeds for our half term visitors, which run until Sunday, February 25, so make sure you pick up your What’s On guide from the entrance!

11.30am                       Go Wild! Encounter in the Go Wild! Theatre
12pm                           Gibbon Q&A
12pm -12.45pm           Meet the Farm Animals
12.15pm                      Sealion talk and feed
12.30pm                      Otter Talk & Feed
12.45pm                      Giraffe Talk
1pm                             Tiger Talk
2.15pm                        Go Wild! Encounter in the Go Wild! Theatre
2.15pm-3.30pm           Meet the Farm Animals
2.45pm                        Sealion Talk & Feed
3pm                             Penguin Talk & Feed
3.15pm                        Meerkat Talk & Feed
3.15pm                        Meet a chimp keeper
3.30pm                        Ghost & history walk from the Castle Courtyard