Leah loves DZG!

A young DZG supporter spent her half term holiday creating a canvas especially for her favourite zoo!

Leah Rose Grindrod, aged 11, painted the picture and good luck message just for us and our inquisitive ring-tailed lemurs and DZG Trainee Keeper, Harley Hunt – pictured below – couldn’t wait to take a look at her work.


Leah’s mum, Jenny, from Erdington, said: “DZG is like our second home. We love it there and try and visit as often as we can.

“Leah loves art and is passionate about animals so she decided to paint a plain canvas we had for the zoo.

“She spent every bit of her spare time in the holiday working on it and was so proud when she had finished that we dropped it off at the zoo shop on our last visit.

“Her favourite animal are the giraffes, so now we’ve heard about the baby we’ve got to visit again very soon so she can see it.”

Leah Rose and Jenny also dropped off a bag of perfume, which big cat keepers have added to their collection.

DZG Press Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “Leah Rose obviously put a lot of effort into her painting and it’s now brightening up the walls of the Press Office. “