Leafy enrichment

Upper Primates keepers branched out from their regular duties this week to collect autumnal leaf fall as enrichment for DZG’s Bornean orang utans.


With gardeners still busy with the task of clearing pathways of fallen leaves from the 40-acre site’s native trees, keepers have been lending a helping hand and gathering their own pile which they stuffed in paper sacks, along with a few hidden food treats, to give to Jorong.


Upper Primates Keeper, Zoe Taylor, pictured above, said: “I filled the sacks with dry leaves, adding in a few primate pellets and sunflower seeds, before I threw them over the moat into the outdoor enclosure for Jorong who ripped it open the minute it fell into his enclosure, and rummaged through the leaves to get to the food.”

Throghout autumn DZG’s gardening team is tasked with making sure the site’s 2.2km roadways are clear from leaves – with nothing going to waste.

Dry and clean ash and sycamore leaves are kept as winter feed for the Rothschild’s giraffes, while the rest is composted and used to keep the gardens looking blooming lovely all year round!