Leaflet learning

A school trip to DZG inspired Year 4 children from Coleham Primary in Shrewsbury to make colourful promotional leaflets all about one of the UK’s busiest zoos.


Class Teacher, Liz Wharram, said: “We brought 58 children to the zoo in summer and took part in a habitats workshop.

“The children were really inspired by the day and made the leaflets about Dudley Zoo as part of their follow-up work in their literacy lessons. “

DZG Marketing Assistant, Andrea Hales – pictured above with the leaflets – said: “We were delighted to receive the leaflets through the post and hear how much the children enjoyed their day.

“The children have clearly worked very hard in producing them. They are all very striking and contain all the important information that a leaflet should have and we’ve even taken a few tips from them to use in our own promotional material!”

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