Leaf it to the gardeners!

DZG’s gardening team has been out in force clearing fallen leaves from pathways, steps and gardens around our 40-acre site.


webdzg_leaf_blow_garden_1The group of gardeners have used leaf blowers to clear the leaves which then get collected up and recycled into compost.

ABOVE – Under starters orders… DZG Gardeners gear up for leaf blowing duty

LEFT – Having a blast… DZG Gardeners Paul Durber, Anthony Gwilt, Connor Waldron and Nathon White tackle the trail of fallen leaves

Gardener Anthony Gwilt said: “Clearing the leaves is our big autumn job.

“We started leaf blowing at the end of September and by the time all the leaves have fallen it will take us up to Christmas to complete the clean-up.

“It makes the place look a lot nicer for visitors and also keeps walkways safe as wet leaves can be slippy and dangerous to walk on.”