Leaf it to gardeners!

DZG’s gardeners and keepers are busy collecting fallen leaves across the 40-acre site.

And with hundreds of native species such as English oak, beech and field maple trees there’s always a plethora of leaves which need to be constantly swept up in order to keep the site’s 2.2km roadways and pathways clear for visitors and staff and enclosures tidy for the zoo’s 1,800-strong animal collection.



Head Gardener, Carl Stevens, said: “Collecting leaves is a never ending task at this time of year, but the gardening team are out first thing every morning before the site opens to the public and then again throughout the day to make sure the leaves are cleared away so that the site’s steep pathways aren’t slippy, while the keepers keep the enclosures, moats and pools tidy.”  


But despite collecting up truck loads of leaves, as usual at DZG, nothing is wasted, with all dry and clean ash and sycamore leaves stockpiled in airtight containers for winter feed for the four Rothschild’s giraffes, while the remainder are composted to be used across the gardens throughout the rest of the year.

And even the Bornean orang utans give a helping hand with the annual leaf collection – with Jazz, Jorong, Sprout and Benji pulling the occasional leaf out of the moat for a tasty treat!.

Thanks for sharing this picture of Jazz enjoying a freshly caught leaf, Samantha Weaver!