Leaf it out!

They’re known for their amazing call, with our two black howler monkeys showcasing their vocals every time our gardeners use their leaf blowers!


As soon as the gardeners arrive to tidy the leaves around their enclosure in the Triple Tecton, Dargie and Avyanna, start their deep howling call – it’s so loud, because of a special voice box and pouch in their throats which amplifies the sound, that it can be heard up to three miles away!

We’re not sure why they both always react to the machines, whether it’s something to do with the sound frequencies of the blower or if they’re simply not keen on the noise, but they both stop calling once our gardeners have moved away!

If you see our gardeners out and about with the blowers, especially over the next few weeks as they clear up the falling leaves off pathways around our 40-acre site, have a listen out for our howlers!