Leaf insects visit DZG!

Three female leaf insects enjoyed their first ever trip to DZG.

dzg_leaf_insects1The bugs, which camouflage themselves from predators by mimicking leaves, belong to Presenter Caroline Howard – pictured right – who brought the trio on site from home to use in her Arty Animals education workshop.

During the session a group of school pupils were shown a variety of stick insects from the Discovery Centre’s collections, as well as Caroline’s pets, before they were asked to create their own animal work of art.

Caroline said: “When people think of stick insects they usually think of something that looks like a twig and is quite boring.

“I wanted to get the children to look at them really closely, as they are actually quite beautiful with a lot of detail.

“There is a huge variety of stick insects and they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours – and not just twig coloured, some can be bright green like my Leaf insects, others can be pink, black or even electric blue.”


Caroline’s Leaf insects will be making a return visit to the zoo in August as part of Big Bug Bonanza.

The week long event, organised by BIAZA, will run from August 5 – 11 and aims to raise awareness of insects.

DZG will be joining in the fun with presenters organising a series of bug-related activities for visitors, including meet and greets and providing insect related colouring sheets.