Langan’s a star!

Our latest Employee of the Month, Langan Turner, came to the aid of some visitors who braved a blizzard to get to DZG.

The Education Presenter, who gives daily talks, runs school workshops and looks after our small animals in the Discovery Centre, was nominated for the award by several members of the zoo team for his caring and professional actions.

Langan, who has worked here for 10 years, stood in the snow to greet the nine early morning visitors who had come for a Wake Up the Zoo experience. They had all started out before the wintry weather had taken hold and could not be contacted to tell them the event would have to be postponed.

Despite the conditions, Langan gave the visitors a warm welcome, explained the zoo had been forced to close and made them hot drinks inside the offices so they could dry out and gear up for their return journeys.

Langan said: “I knew nothing about the nomination so it was a lovely surprise and nice to be recognised.

“I just wanted to make sure the visitors were warm and safe and they left in good spirits, despite not being able to wake up the animals on that day.”

The visitors have since rescheduled their experience and Langan received a certificate and gift vouchers from DZG.

Well done Langan!