Kyra’s birthday gift


Big cat Keeper, Adam Walker, forgot the wrapping paper when he came to wrap up lioness Kyra’s birthday present this morning.

But the eight-year-old birthday girl didn’t mind, as the hessian sack substitute guaranteed much more fun, before she’d even got to the goodies inside.

Adam – pictured right, with Kyra’s gift, said: “I doused a hessian sack with a strong scented perfume, before putting inside a cardboard box, alongside a few birthday tasty treats, which I then had to wrap up in another sack when I realised we’d got no wrapping paper.

“What lady doesn’t like perfume as a gift on their big day and once I had thrown it over the fence into her the enclosure it didn’t take Kyra long to investigate and unwrap it.

“She spent ages playing with the cardboard box and rolling around on the fragranced sack from inside, while trying to keep her present away from Asha, who also wanted a sniff of it.”


Watch Kyra investigate her birthday present in the video below…