Kyra turns twelve

DZG’s lovely lioness Kyra enjoyed a wonderfully lazy morning as she turned 12 today.

The birthday girl was given extra treats by big cat keepers who were expecting plenty of visitors to wish her well as they stop by the one-acre Lion Ridge paddock she shares with her younger sister Asha.

Senior Big Cat Keeper, Sam Grove, said: “Kyra will be happy to take it easy and enjoy the sunshine on her big day and we’ve made sure she had some of her favourite treats to mark the occasion.”

Both Asiatic lionesses were born in Edinburgh and were then moved to Twycross Zoo before arriving at DZG on 17th November, 2009.

Asiatic lions are among the rarest animals on the planet, with fewer than 500 in the world, of which 300 are in zoos and wildlife parks. They are only found in the Gir Forest in India, which is an area smaller than Greater London.

Many happy returns Kyra!