Kubwa’s lie-in!


Male Rothschild’s giraffe, Kubwa, enjoyed the extra hour lie-in this morning, following his birthday weekend celebrations!

With the clocks going back 60 minutes at 1am, to signal the end of British Summer Time, 14-year-old Kubwa was able to snuggle down in his cosy straw bed for that bit longer, until keepers arrived on site to wake him up for breakfast!

Ungulates Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “We make up big comfy straw beds every night for our four giraffes, using about five bales of hay for each of them and we know from the CCTV cameras in the giraffe house that they all lie down for a few hours at a time during the night.”

Whereas captive giraffes are safe to relax on the floor, it is rare for giraffes in the wild to sleep on the ground, as they need to be alert and on their feet to ensure a speedy escape from any possible danger. 

Kubwa appreciated the clocks going back and an extra lie in following his 14th birthday celebrations on Friday!