Kubwa’s up for birthday breakfast!

Standing tall at 18 feet, you’d think it would be an effort for our birthday boy giraffe to get up from the floor.

But watch how 17 year-old Kubwa pops up in seconds after spying keeper Josh arrive with his birthday breakfast!

Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, said: “We know by looking at CCTV footage that our three giraffes regularly lie down at points in the night.

“They sleep for a few hours at a time as they have to keep getting up to keep their circulation moving.”

However, there’s a very precise way the long legged species have to stand.

Josh added: “They flick their neck up and literally just pop straight up on their feet immediately. It takes just a few seconds, which is incredible considering their size and build and I actually think Kubwa was up even quicker this morning as he was excited for his special day!”

Learn more about our three giraffes – and make sure you wish Kubwa very many happy returns – during the daily 12.45pm talk and feed at the paddock.