Kubwa clothing!

Birthday girl Ruby Holloway definitely dressed the part when she came to DZG to feed her adopted giraffe, Kubwa.

The eight-year-old Huntingtree Primary School pupil from Halesowen wore a black hoodie with ‘Kubwa’ printed on the sleeve and a pink t-shirt with his photo on.

Both garments said ‘Kubwa’s Adopted Mommy 2018’ as the giraffe-mad youngster had been treated to an adoption pack for Kubwa for her birthday.

Ruby’s family had the personalised clothing made for her and also gave her a giraffe Close Encounter experience to feed handsome 17-year-old Kubwa and nine-year-old female, Josie.

Ruby said: “I loved feeding the giraffes and got to ask the staff lots of questions. I’m crazy about giraffes and at home I have piles of giraffe toys, a giraffe duvet cover and a 3D picture of a giraffe on my wall.”

Mum Clare said: “It’s been a great day and Ruby felt really special in her Kubwa clothing.

“Her sister came up with the idea for the hoodie and t-shirt and it will be a great reminder of the feed experience and the year she adopted Kubwa.”

Ruby visited the zoo with her mum Clare, dad Ian, 19-year-old sister Meghan and her sister’s boyfriend Kieren Billingham.

Hope your 8th birthday was one to remember Ruby!