Kito’s April Fool!

Our youngest giraffe, Kito, joined in our April Fools fun this morning!

The two-year-old doesn’t really have excessively hairy ossicones – it’s actually dad, Kubwa’s tail, snapped by DZG photographer, Jason Skarratt.


Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said : “Kito has started playing with Kubwa and his favourite game at the moment is trying to catch his tail.

“So Kubwa has started to playfully swat him away with it.


“It looks really amusing if you happen to see it, because when Kubwa’s tail swishes over Kito’s head and face it actually does look like he has a full head of hair.”

Everything else reported earlier is true though – and Kito does try to open the giraffe house door bolt – so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy April Fools’ Day!