Kito finds his feet

At 6ft tall Rothschild giraffe, Kito, stands head and shoulders above most human adults.


But at just five days old suckling and sleeping are his key skills along with meeting visitors to the giraffe house, anxious to see our newest arrival.   And there’s no-one more pleased to see the baby than mum, Mia, who’s endured a staggering 15-month gestation period to produce her offspring!   Kito’s already made his public debut and, weather permitting, will be out and about throughout the week – when he’s not snuggling up to mum in the internal den.   Check out our video showing a curious Kito finding his feet in the external paddock!    

The name Kito means precious in Swahili.

Rothschild’s are the world’s rarest sub-species of giraffe, originating from Uganda and west central Kenya.  

They are easily identified by the colouring of their coat, which is made up of ragged brown patches separated by lighter creamier-coloured hair, with no markings to the lower leg. 

Each giraffe has a unique coat pattern, like a fingerprint.