Keepers ‘rescue’ Makalu

Big cat keepers came to the rescue when mischievous snow leopard cub, Makalu was stranded on a high platform in the external enclosure!


The inquisitive youngster has worked out how to climb up the fence to the enclosure’s tallest platforms, but his little legs are too small to get him back down!

Section leader, Jay Haywood said: “Makalu has watched mum and dad jump up and down to the platforms, and although he can get up to them, he’s still very wary about jumping down, so we’ve fitted different ramp levels across the platforms, which allow him to get back down to the floor safely by himself.

“He’s really loving being outside and tested the ramps immediately as he investigated sections of the top enclosure that he’d never been able to reach before.”






Parents, Margaash and Nanga, enjoyed a brief encounter last week after being separated since Makalu’s April 17 arrival.

Keeper, Adam Walker said: “The next step will be to introduce the three cats together; we’ll take each stage slowly, so it was important for Nanga and Margaash to reacquaint themselves before we add Makalu.

“They went up to each other and rubbed faces like they had never been apart, before Nanga went back in to the cub. We’re delighted with the positive reaction.”

In recent weeks Makalu has been enjoying the great outdoors with Nanga, as keepers rotated outside access for the trio.