Keepers in training

Our two latest apprentice keepers are settling in well to their on-site training and are wild about the work.

Anthony Wingfield, aged 17, and Sophie Savage-Eccles, aged 19, joined us at the start of April as part of an apprenticeship scheme run in conjunction with KEITS Training Services.

The programme enables young apprentices to learn to care for some of the world’s rarest exotic animals through hands-on experience.

Anthony said: “I’m really enjoying the role and am currently working on the birds section. It’s great to be able to learn on the job and get advice from the very experienced keepers around me.”

Sophie, who worked at a kennels in Aldridge before coming to DZG, is based on the Farm at the moment. She said: “I always wanted to work with animals and I’m loving it. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m learning such a lot.”

Assistant Curator and mentor, Jay Haywood, said: “Both Anthony and Sophie are doing really well and have quickly settled in to zoo life. They are working hard and getting great guidance from our keepers, who are a big help as many of them started out the same way.

“It’s a 13-month course and Anthony and Sophie will get chance to work alongside ungulates, farm animals, birds and primates as part of a level two diploma in work-based animal care.”

The course involves learning about dietary requirements, breeding and conservation, educating members of the public and completing specific assignments.

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