Keepers’ egg hunt

It’s not just Easter Sunday when farm keepers have to hunt out eggs  – as one mischievous hen is making them search every single day.


Twelve-month-old Bantam hen, Lacey, prefers the more unusual locations to lay her eggs, from the farm’s kitchen worktop to the camel enclosure!

Senior Keeper, Kirsty Thornton, pictured above, said: “I think Lacey’s been getting some tips from the Easter bunny about egg hunts.

“Unlike our other chickens she doesn’t lay in the same place, so every morning we have to search for her egg.

“She likes following us around the farm as we go about our daily duties, so we’ve worked out if we trace our steps we can usually track down her egg.

“Although we’ve discovered them in the strangest of places including on top of a bin filled with used straw…

web_dzg_easter_laceys_eggs_3_copy_2        web_dzg_easter_laceys_eggs_3_copy_2

in a bucket, inside the guinea pig enclosure, on a hay bale, on top of the roof…


by the sink in the washroom and we even found her in with Bactrian camels, Charlie and Jimandi, laying her egg in their straw.”

web_dzg_easter_laceys_eggs_3_copy_2     web_dzg_easter_laceys_eggs_3_copy_2

Happy Easter, everyone . . . enjoy your chocolate!

Meet Lacey in the video below…