Keepers’ true grit!

Keepers and DZG gardeners have teamed up to spread 40 tonnes of gravel across our 40-acre site.

Most of the chippings will be used to freshen up the animal enclosures and walkways, to make them more attractive, but the grit has an especially important use for our four giraffes.

DZG Ungulates Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “The gravel will be shared out across almost every section of the zoo to make the enclosures look more aesthetically pleasing, but has a very important use for our giraffes.

“The grit is good for their hooves and replicates the type of ground they walk on in the wild.

“We need to have a deep layer of gravel in their paddock to keep their hooves worn down and in good condition.”

DZG gardening staff have transported large loads of the gravel to different sections of the zoo and now Keepers are in the process of transferring the stones to various enclosures.

LEFT: Our Rothschild’s giraffe Kubwa and the rest of his family will soon be stepping out on a new layer of gravel to keep their hooves in great condition.


TALL ORDER – Section Leader Jay Haywood and gardener Anthony Gwilt help in the giant task of delivering 40 tonnes of gravel across our 40-acre site

Jay said the gravel would be used in a wide range of enclosures including the Giraffe House, the Farm, Lemur Wood, Penguin Bay, the big cat enclosures, inside aviaries and in Wallaby Walkthrough.

He added: “This is something we do once a year to freshen up our enclosures and it’s a real team effort between the Keepers and gardeners.”


Join us this Sunday to celebrate World Giraffe Day at DZG. We’ll be raising money for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation – a charity dedicated to securing a future for all giraffe populations and (sub)species in the wild.

Our education team will be outside the Giraffe House all day sharing information with visitors about the endangered species.

There will be biofacts on display, including giraffe skulls and skins, to highlight the dangers the animals face in the wild and the vital conservation work of zoos.

Stand Tall for World Giraffe Day 2015!